Trekking – day 188

Start: Dughla @ 8.56. (4,620m)

End: Upper Pangboche @ 13.46 (4,000m)

Distance: 13km

A slow start to the day, listening to the Chinese tourists bang around the lodge from the warmth and comfort of our bed! Got up and headed outside for breakfast where the lodge owner was complaining that the Israeli tourists had eaten all his honey… Continued our descent down the valley, deciding to make a detour to Dingbouche to get some apple pie and chocolate cake (it was really, REALLY worth it!!). IMG_7014  Seems like we had clearly started trekking at the right time as some of the mountain views are now quite hazy. We have continued to see a stream of helicopters in the sky – at least 10 today, same as yesterday.     Arrived in Upper Pangbouche and had our first proper shower in over a week – even though it was cold, it was heaven to feel clean!! Did some laundry before chilling out in front of the fire, reading books, watching TV(!) and eating dinner.

Tuesday 12th April 2016

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