Gokyo Ri Side Trip – day 193

Start: Gokyo @ 8.00 (4,790m)

Arrived: Gokyo Ri summit @ 10.55 (5,380m)

Distance: 10km

I’d like it to be recorded that today was supposed to be a rest day! I had been promised a day full of book reading, hot chocolate drinking & rest – basically, to spend the day existing like a sloth or sea cucumber. So, when Jayne woke me at 6.15am claiming that it would be a great idea to ascend 570m to the summit of the 5,380m high peak, I was less than impressed!! However, with the sun streaming through the curtains, I (begrudgingly) had to agree.Gokyo Lake Up, dressed and into the lodge for a mammoth breakfast of porridge, muesli, pancake and omelette before we set off to tackle Gokyo Ri. Clearly not the only ones who took advantage of the good weather, the trail seemed quite busy as we climbed the steep slopes up to the summit. I got a bit pissed off and upset by other trekkers ‘motivating’ words of encouragement – I didn’t realise that getting to the summit was a race and I certainly don’t see the point of ascending so fast that you don’t enjoy the view…IMG_1540IMG_1539The third lake was pure turquoise from the half way point and the panoramic views of the valley and glacier were spectacular. Saw helicopters coming in and out of the village (apparently, the local man was medi-evac’ed this morning as the weather was too bad yesterday). Got to the summit and had some great views of Everest and the surrounding mountains. Took loads of photos before the clouds rolled in and we began our descent.
IMG_7268IMG_7277IMG_7324Back at the lodge for lunch before popping out to the ridge to sit and watch the glacier – we were treated to a couple of rock falls that broke he ice in the glacier ponds. Stopped by the bakery to pick up some desert before heading back to the lodge to read books and drink hot chocolate (finally!!). Dal bhat for dinner before snuggling into bed to read some more and share our mango danish. Top of the World from Gokyo RiSunday 17th April 2016

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