Gokyo (rest day) – day 194

Woke up this morning with plans of walking to the fourth and fifth sacred lake. Got up and dressed before heading to the wash area to wash our socks. Not entirely sure what happened but think the sudden ice cold water on my hands, high altitude and lack of food made me feel a bit dizzy and I had to lie down for a bit. Felt significantly better after a hot, sugary drink and some eggs on toast but we still decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. Taught the 6-year old granddaughter (Mingma) how to play UNO so the three of us played together for the rest of the morning with the 4-year old (Ongmo) helping me to put down cards. IMG_1547IMG_6910Had some fried noodles for lunch and read books by the fire as snow began to fall. Went for a short walk to the lake, bumping into Julia who we had met in Dughla. Ate our brownie that we bought yesterday and skimmed some stones across the tranquil turquoise water. IMG_1548IMG_6914A lazy evening reading books, playing cards and sending a quick Whatsapp to let people know we were still alive.IMG_6918

Monday 18th April 2016

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