Trekking – day 196

Start: Mong-La @ 07:34 (3,957m)

End: Nurning Ghat @ 17:28 (2,824m)

Distance: 27.36km

Clearly I had hurt myself more than I had realised yesterday as I woke up with a very sore and tender back. Had breakfast and then began to make our way to Namche Bazare. Crossed paths with at least 200 trekkers coming in the opposite direction – heading to EBC. Slightly jealous that they get to experience it for the first time, but equally glad that we are done and that we didn’t have to share the paths with that many people!!IMG_6957 Took us about 3 hours to get to Namche and we treated ourselves to a Brownie, Apple Pie and we shared an Americano (we are still at altitude so needed to be careful!!) and used the free wifi in the cafe to let people know we were still alive and to check emails/bank balances etc. Popped into the shop next door to buy some chocolate, fizzy drinks and fabric badges of the places we’ve visited. Started making our way down the steep descent, stopping briefly to sign out of the Everest region at the check post and to pick up our certificate. Headed down, knowing that the horrible suspension bridge was approaching. However, after everything we have done over the past 3 weeks, the dreaded bridge didn’t seem as bad! In fact, I flew across it and we celebrated with Coke, Fanta & a Twix as we watched other Trekkers nervously cross the bridge. IMG_1586IMG_1587IMG_1594Continued walking with my back still twinging from time to time. It got gradually worse and worse as the day drew on and, as such, we had to cut our days walking short by about 7-8km as I couldn’t walk any further. Fortunately, there was a tea lodge available just next to us. Jayne drank strawberry tea whilst I had hot orange and Ibuprofen! The lodge had a 3 year old daughter who was fascinated by Jayne and spent most of the evening sat on her lap, playing with her iPhone. Had soup and dal bhat for dinner before collapsing in to bed.IMG_1597

Wednesday 20th April 2016

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