Trekking – day 197

Start: Nurning Ghat @ 07:31 (2,824m)

End: Puiya @ 15:15 (2,730m)

Distance: 15.36km

The splinter next to my blister last night needed more attention when I woke and Katherine was taking painkillers with breakfast. Thus, it was like a bad comedy as I hobbled on 1 foot and leaned on a trekking pole and Katherine walked with a rigid disposition. We made it down to Surke and I just had to take her bag. Not sure what weight I was now carrying but I trudged up hill and it worked out well: catching my breath and wiping away sweat timed perfectly for Kat to take it much easier and not overdo it. IMG_1600We had lunch at Khumbu lodge, the lady not remembering us from 3 weeks ago, and her cheerful manner not improving in the slightest! A shuffle around of items in the big bag / little bag meant I could breath easier on the next leg of the journey with Kat having a tiny amount in her back but keeping it warm as it started to spit rain. We were, in fact, making great time and matching the Lonely Planet recommended times. However, with a big gap until the next town around the valley and hearing thunder echo ominously louder and closer, we decided to stop at Puiya and try to replan the next few days to make them easier for Kat when we had rested a bit. IMG_1601

Thursday 21st April 2016

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