Trekking – day 198

Start: Puiya @ 7.48 (2,730m)

End: Kharikola @ 15.00 (2,220m)

Distance: 14.38km

Not entirely sure I wanted to write anything for today as I am absolutely sure that I don’t want to remember it!! Had peanut butter with bread and pancake for breakfast, which was amazing and we nearly asked to buy the rest of the jar to take with us. Started off walking and my back just got progressively worse and worse as the day drew on. As I slowed down to a slower-than-snail shuffle, Jayne and I had an argument over my speed and the lack of painkillers we had left in the first aid kit, causing her to power on ahead to the next town in search of ibuprofen. No such luck so I took the last of the paracetamol with lunch before continuing for another 4km to the next town that had a hospital, crying with each step in pain and cursing the never ending line of donkeys that seemed to be constantly coming up AND down the path! As we finally shuffled into the village, Jayne found a lovely tea lodge, got me to lie down on the double(!) bed before going off in search of painkillers and more Coca Cola. I managed to swallow two tablets before pretty much passing out on the bed whilst Jayne took off my shoes and washed my feet so I could sleep properly. Managed a quick shower once the painkillers had kicked in and got into some comfy clothes to relax in the dining room. Ordered a feast of momos, fried potatoes, cheese pizza and a vegetable spring roll to share. Had the village kitten sat on my lap, who happily munched on one of my momos!!! IMG_6970IMG_1602Treated ourselves both to a hot chocolate and a fizzy drink each before heading to bed. Was really nice to have a double bed (for the first time in over a month), mainly cause I got to fall asleep with Jayne rubbing my sore back – like I was a princess and she was my slave!!!

Friday 22nd April 2016

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