Kharikola (rest day) – day 199

Since my back was still sore, we decided to stay here another day to give it a chance to recover. Had ordered breakfast for 7.30 so had to get up and dressed to eat break and pancake with peanut butter before going back to bed and sleeping until 11… Oops!!! I washed some of our (incredibly) stinky clothes and then we spent the rest of the day reading books and relaxing – most of the time with me flat on my back. IMG_6973IMG_1603The tea lodge owner offered us a cooking class and organised it so I didn’t have to stand for too long! We learnt how to make Dal Bhat, vegetable momos and chapatti. We then got served our home cooked meal – fortunately, we were given the momos we had made and the other guests were given the pretty model ones! IMG_6975IMG_6978IMG_6986Turns out one of the other guests is an osteopath and she offered to look at my back. Turns out, I have apparently slipped a vertebra in my back and it has got trapped between muscle and ligament. She has realigned it but I need to rest for at least one more day before continuing…

Saturday 23rd April 2016

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