Trekking – day 201

Start: Kharikola @ 07.50 (2,220m)

End: Nunthala @ 13.25 (2,220m)

Distance: 11.73km

So… The decision has become ‘more and shorter’ is better than ‘fewer and longer’ days. It was a tough decision but one can only stay cooped up so long with ‘extreme sudoku’, no books and a limited menu. Pasang, bless him, escorted us through most of Kharikola’s long village to point out a longer, but far easier, route around the hill instead of trekking up and down past the monastery. IMG_1608Thus, we came across villagers looking guilty as they cut down trees and the lush green footpath, bereft of donkeys, were coloured with red pimples of wild strawberries. The overall trek was short, but painful enough. The emergence of so many butterflies in the area was lovely and the cattle and donkeys now have to be muzzled lest they munch their way to a come on the new shoots and leaves on the path. The hills are alive… With only the occasional sound of music (i.e. porters with radios), but it is abuzz with life, colour and growth and is a hub of activity. We’ll get there and we’ll try to enjoy the last few days as best we possibly can. IMG_6991

Monday 25th April 2016

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