Trekking – day 202

Start: Nunthala @ 7.10 (2,220m)

End: Phaplu @ 15.05 (2,413m)

Distance: 22.27km

The rhododendron leaves were a lovely mixture of red, orange and yellow on the new leaves, with the occasional species still sporting some white flowers like snowdrops. It was after we saw 2 langur monkeys jump down in to the forest that we started to notice the vibrancy of the forest and the colours. Suddenly, these plants, the white flowers of the strawberries and the blue forget-me-nots along the trail was like a living set of prayer flags, mimicking the ones getting blown in the breeze. IMG_6993We made excellent progress up to our highest point and, with new motivation and drive (plus full bellies of vegetable noodle soup, omelette and chapatti), we flew down from Traksindu La to Ringmu. This was supposed to be our stop point for the day. IMG_1626Encouraged by locals telling us how good the new road is and how quick it’d be for us to get to Phaplu or Selleri, we pushed on. The effects of the new road system are already apparent with businesses/lodges/etc. all closed down, never to reopen. But to be honest, my back, neck and hips were hurting so much (as was Katherine’s back), we were both relived to arrive in Phaplu, book our bus for tomorrow and enjoy a beer – our first alcoholic drink in over 2 months. IMG_6995

Kat’s footnote:

(Sung in the style of: ‘I want candy’)

I know a troll who’s tough ‘n’ strong,

Carries the bag – all month long,

Shouts at me when I’m too slow,

Don’t stand too close in case she blows… (off!)

I love Jayne, dom dom dom dm dom

I love Jayne, dom dom dom dm dom

(The song in my head for the 3 hour ascent up to Thaksindu La).

Tuesday 26th April 2016

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