Kathmandu – day 204

Woke up feeling slightly strange – there was no trekking to do… We were staying at this hotel for another night so we didn’t have to pack up our stuff… We weren’t cold… But we were still aching (some things never change!!!). Enjoyed a hot shower, still scrubbing off layers of dust and grime, our hair taking a battering from needing another 2 washes to get it clean! Sorted out our clothes for washing and dropped them off to a laundrette (I feel so sorry for whoever has to wash them!!!) and headed out for breakfast. Chose a cafe recommended in the Lonely Planet and climbed 8 flights of stairs to get a panoramic view of the city. Practically drooled over the choice of food available on the menu before choosing sausages for Jayne and croissants for me. Sat quietly munching watching tourists on the streets below and monkeys jumping from rooftop to rooftop.IMG_7009 Jayne wanted to wander around the streets after breakfast to look for something small so that I had something to open on my birthday. We managed about an hour before the hectic streets and our general tiredness got the better of us and we retreated to the sanctuary of our hotel room. An afternoon of watching ‘Friends’ and drinking the fizzy drinks that our bodies were craving. Both too tired to have our well-deserved celebratory dinner, we decided to head back to Momo Star for diner, deciding to save our fancy meal for when we both had the energy. IMG_1646

Thursday 28th April 2016

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