Kathmandu – day 205

Decided to have a lie in as we are both still tired from our trekking. Got up around 8am and decided to have breakfast at the hotel to make things easier as we have a list of jobs that need doing today. The service was so slow at the hotel that it probably would have been quicker to go somewhere else!!! We were just about to get started on our list of jobs when we had a knock on our door. Apparently, we have to move hotels as they had over booked and the guests arriving had booked using booking.com (meaning they’d paid more than we had!!). They’d offered to put us in their posher sister hotel and, after some negotiating from Jayne, we managed to get a room there at the same price we were paying at this hotel!! A bit of frantic packing and I struggled to lift my rucksack (not good!) with my bad back so we shuffled slowly down the road to our new hotel. It is so much nicer!!! Because of my back, we decided to split off to do our list of jobs so, as Jayne headed off to the bus station to buy our tickets for Lumbini tomorrow, I headed to the Internet cafe to sort out our visas for Myanmar and check our luggage allowance on the AirAsia flights. A couple of hours later, we were both back at the hotel chatting to Australian/British trekkers just back from EBC. We then repacked our bags to leave most of our stuff in Kathmandu again since I can’t carry a big bag – hopefully it will be alright by the time we leave for Myanmar. Having completed all our jobs and finally both feeling awake enough, we treated ourselves to a posh Thai dinner to finally celebrate our trek – papaya salad, meatballs, pad Thai noodles, green Thai curry and chicken with ginger was all washed down with a beer!IMG_1654IMG_1655

Friday 29th April 2016

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