Travelling – day 212

Despite the giddiness and amount of alcohol we drank in such a short period of time, we managed quite well to get up and packed, with plenty of time for a nice hot shower and a leisurely breakfast. That clearly wasn’t the case for the other three girls getting the bus, who arrived late for brekkie and delayed us all leaving in the truck. Hmmm?

The bus journey was uneventful. Katherine was amazing at typing out the blogs from the notebook so that we could publish them, but I was hopeless. The roads are a disaster and my poor neck was getting whiplash trying to focus on typing and it was hot and… you get the picture.   It was a relief to stop at 11:30 for a fuel stop and some road-side hotel Dal Bhat. I raced through mine, not realising that the driver was sat behind me. An earlier bathroom break meant it was nearly the third (and closest) time that a bus or jeep has almost left me behind (in a week) and I wasn’t about to have it happen in the middle of nowhere. My luck with the buses lately extends to losing sunglasses and one of the Life Straws. Although the water filter bottle was probably near its life expectancy, it would have been very useful for Myanmar coming up. 

Getting closer to Kathmandu, the traffic jams were incredible. We moved 2.5km in 2hrs in a bus with no air con and the fans didn’t always work. The 37*C heat blasting through the windows was relentless and we played musical chairs to have a chance of a passing lorry in the other direction sending a breeze our way. 

Arriving at the bottom of the hill to Thamel (the tourist area of the city), another 10hr journey, we were content to stretch our legs and plod back to the hotel, the one that never got my email and was booked up. Back to the sister hotel we set about transferring photos from our cameras and phones onto the computer for the Internet cafe tomorrow and get up to date for our avid readers. I went out and got dinner and Katherine, again being a superstar, finished off the last of the blog entries online ready for photos. It was a quiet evening and we passed out after falafels and a can of Ginger Ale and Bitter Lemon.   Friday 6th May 2016

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