Kathmandu & Travelling – day 217

Got up, and, for the first time in 6 weeks, we packed our backpacks properly for travelling again. Has been amazing being able to leave most of our stuff at the hotel as we visited different places in Nepal and it was weird playing jenga with all our stuff to fit it back into a relatively small space! Checked out at midday, charging our electronics to the last minute as the electricity had been off for ages and they were running low! Sat in reception chatting to the assistant manager who wanted some ideas on how to make the hotel more appealing without spending any money… 
Headed over to the garden of dreams. Built in the 1920’s after a visit to several Edwardian estates in England, the gardens originally covered 1.6 hectares and had six pavilions. Only half a hectare and three pavilions remain along with fountains, ponds and statues. Found a marble slab engraved with a poem. The slab is the only damage from the 1934 earthquake, causing a crack in the marble which they have painted to make it look like a vine. Managed to find a bench away for the loved up Nepalese couples and we sat for a couple of hours reading books and enjoying the peace and quiet with the occasional car horn making its way through the trees.       Headed towards Momo Star restaurant for our last set of momo’s… Had an absolute feast as, since we’re flying super budget to Yangon, we aren’t sure if we are getting food on the plane. Vegetable momo’s, buffalo momo’s, dal bhat and nasi goreng were all inhaled before we stopped off at the bakery on the way to the hotel to pick up some banana bread for the plane. Quickly used the internet at the hotel before jumping in a taxi to take us to the airport.   A slightly confused security woman when we asked her where we should leave the trolley after we checked in – she told us to just abandon it in the middle of the concourse and then she kept shouting at us to leave it as we pushed it to the side of the room. A non eventful flight (with no food – good job we stuffed ourselves!) to Kuala Lumpur, watching a few episodes of ‘Friends’ before getting about an hour of sleep before we landed. Wednesday 11th May 2016

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