Travelling & Yangon – day 218

Woke up by an over enthusiastic air hostess turning on every single light possible on the airplane at about 1.30am, to inform us that we had about half an hour until we landed in Kuala Lumpur. A very quick connection security check and I was in heaven, browsing through books and magazines at WHSmith – eBooks aren’t the same as real books, with proper pages although I am grateful not to have to lug around paper books. Managed to restrain myself from filling up my bag with trashy magazines and books, we headed upstairs to Jayne’s version of heaven… Burger King… And it was open at 2.30am!!! Got ourselves a chicken burger meal each and enjoyed a comforting midnight snack that reminded us both of home. Jayne even treated me to a hot Milo. img_1724Sat in the airport using the super fast free wifi to keep ourselves awake whilst we waited for our connecting flight to be announced. Not being able to find a sign directing us to the right gate, we asked a man driving a buggy who then gave us a lift to the door. As the airport was still quite quiet, he drove pretending he was a race car driver, zigzagging from side to side, as we made car noises behind him (we really are big kids!!!).  img_7151 A short two hour flight and we were in Bangkok.img_1725
Slight confusion at immigration since we weren’t actually leaving the airport so the address on our form states ‘transit – stay in airport Yangon’. Sat ourselves down next to the charging points and charged up all our devices that were low in power after 6 weeks in Nepal, thinking of ways to kill our 8 hour transit. Had a breakfast of toasted sandwiches and cold fruit tea as we posted blogs and caught up with Facebook. Checked in our bags and headed up to the food court for lunch and had our second Burger King of the day… Oops!!! Guess the taste of home really needed to be had twice! Another short flight and we touched down in Yangon – feeling the intense heat. Had a free pickup from the airport so was really easy as we watched other tourists struggle to negotiate a price with taxi drivers. The 45 minute drive to the hotel was hot and sticky, even with the windows open, but it was fascinating to see the towns flash past. Dropped out bags off and, after asking a few questions, headed to the bus park to organise our transport for tomorrow. Turns out we need to go to the bus station close to the airport but we don’t need to book tickets in advance – we can just turn up. Had dinner in the only proper restaurant we saw between the hotel and the bus stand – everything else was street stalls which we are really keen to try but perhaps not the best idea for our first night, especially since we have only learnt how to say ‘hello’, ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’. Shuffled around our bags around so we could leave stuff at the hotel – definitely not going to need our fleece or down jackets over the next few weeks – and headed to bed, exhausted.

Thursday 12th May 2016

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