Travelling – day 224

An early bus equals an early start, meaning we had to forgo the breakfast feast at the hotel as we needed to leave before they even started serving!! Slightly gutted to be starting our (supposedly) 14 hour bus journey without a belly full of food, we headed out along the roads and stopped to get a bowl of noodle soup on our way to the bus station.   It was then extremely. frustrating that the bus was two hours late… We could have stuffed ourselves!! Ordered a fried rice with an egg while we waited (almost like a Nasi Goreng from Indonesia). The bus turned up and, with a little help from the ticket man, we managed to sit next to each other as our tickets were one behind the other. Bumped along the road, staring out the window at the villages passing by and marvelling at the ‘outside temperature’ digital thermometer that was reading 48*C… After about an hour, we were all made to get off the bus and walk across a bridge. Slightly concerning that they feel the bridge can’t cope with a bus full of people – even more worrying was the boat full of trucks that was sailing from one side of the bank to the other – don’t think we’ve ever crossed a bridge so fast!!   A local guy got on at one stop and was adamant he wanted to sit in his seat – the one I was in! The bus conductor clearly tried to explain to him (in Burmese) that we wanted to sit together but he wasn’t having any of it. He made me move and the poor old lady, who had already moved for us earlier, offered to move again so we could still sit together. So much control not to keep kicking the back of his seat ‘by accident’… Settling into the journey, getting free water, red bull and lemon biscuits along the way (and some bananas from the old lady), we watched some ‘Friends’ episodes before I let Jayne watch ‘The Martian’ while I read ‘Little Women’. A couple of police check points where we had to show our passports – giving us time to stretch our legs, top up with snacks and use the toilet. Around 8pm, we stopped at a local restaurant where we were given laminated pieces of paper with writing and a number on it. We clearly looked confused as the bus driver kept repeating the same word over and over to us before he mimed ‘eat’. Jayne asked how much (in outstanding Burmese!!) and he made the shape 0 with his fingers – free dinner!! This is possibly the best bus journey we’ve been on!! Had fried rice with chicken before getting back on the bus and trying to get some sleep – knowing full well that we weren’t going to arrive at 10pm…

Wednesday 18th May 2016

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