Yangon – day 243

We both woke up this morning feeling a little bit lethargic and, as such, took our time getting up and ready for breakfast despite the enthusiastic Buddhist chanting coming out of the TV in reception, joined by the not so melodic voices of the hotel staff. After breakfast, Jayne didn’t feel too good so went and had a lie down whilst I went through the bag that we had left behind at the hostel and repacked our stuff back into two separate rucksacks. Still not feeling too great when she woke up, I went on a search for paracetamol and rehydration sachets. Asked the hotel staff who sent me to a pharmacy about 1km away (only to later find out that the shop downstairs sold everything I needed!!). Walked past a deserted minister office building, seemed such a shame that such a magnificent building would be left to crumble… Popped into the supermarket opposite the pharmacy to get Jayne some (better tasting) ionic drinks and some snacks before heading back to the hotel. Spent the afternoon sorting out our days in Thailand and trying to plan out some sort of rough route around Australia. Decided to force Jayne out of the windowless and stuffy box that is our hotel room, luring her out with a visit to the cinema to watch ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’. We were a little too early so got our tickets and then headed back down the road to a local Shan noodle restaurant. Both had some chicken noodle soup (which was amazing and better than the Shan soup that we had in the Shan state!!). The film was brilliant and just what the doctor ordered although I don’t think either of us will ever get used to the amount of talking that happens in SE Asian cinemas… The guy behind us chatted on his phone for ages whilst a lady a few rows in front had constant ‘pings’ coming through as she messaged people. At least the film was loud!! Monday 6th June 2016

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