Ayutthaya – day 247

One of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time, noted by the fact that I woke up at 8:50am and didn’t wake at all when Jayne, apparently, rolled over in bed and hit me in the face twice during the night. We had big plans today of taking the free bicycles offered by the hostel and cycling around the temples and ruins. However, as we chatted over breakfast, neither of us had the motivation or energy to do that and since we both want to appreciate this UNESCO site (our first one in Thailand and our last one for at least a month) we decided to spend a day doing laundry and catching up on jobs. Also, having been spoilt by only having one backpack for the last 10 weeks after I slipped the disk in my back and we were able to leave one bag at the hotels in both Yangon and Kathmandu whilst we travelled, we really questioned the amount of stuff we have. Decided that, since Jayne has to go back to the UK, we are going to use it as an excuse to get rid of one bag and some unnecessary clothing – from now on, we are going to have all our clothes and essential in one backpack… I’m a little bit scared (but equally excited) to be travelling so light, especially since I thought we did such a good job of packing light when we left all those months ago! As Jayne sorted out more website stuff and set up a new Pinterest page for me linked to our blog (I love her!!), I used the washing machine to properly clean our clothes – to my surprise, they didn’t fall apart and they smell so nice! I also went through the bags and organised what we are keeping and what is going back/getting thrown away. I popped to ‘7-eleven’ to get some snacks to keep us going as we both worked on our respective jobs. FYI – I’m loving the fact that I can now spend hours on Pinterest without being told off!!

Back at the night market for another food crawl progressive dinner – starting with chicken (I think) sausages before munching on Thai green fish curry. Got chatting to another tourist who had just come back from Myanmar and seemed to have loved it as much as we did. Finished off our dinner with a take-away sticky rice and mango to eat back in our room with a wine spritzer and a couple of episodes of ‘Friends’. Friday 10th June 2016

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