Shepparton – day 253 (K)

Woke up at a reasonable hour (based on the fact my body is still on Bangkok time) and padded out of the ex-teenagers (now a sophisticated university student in Melbourne) bedroom that is now my home for the next 3 weeks until Jayne gets here. Wrapped up snugly in my new fleecy pyjamas, I made myself a coffee, flopped down on the sofa next to Tracey and chatted the morning away. Brilliant catching up where we both have so much that we want to talk about that we jump from one conversation to the next, without any logical flow or reasoning behind our conversation topics. If anyone was listening, we probably sounded like a pair of crazy old ladies jibbering away about absolute nonsense – I loved every minute! Started getting whatsapp messages from Jayne around 2am UK time (her body is clearly on Bangkok time too!!) as the morning turned into afternoon. Feeling slightly guilty about our total lack of activity, especially when Jayne has a list of jobs as long as her arm, I had a shower and got dressed before chatting some more whilst ‘Modern Family’ was on in the background (I’ve missed that show!). Headed out into town, stopping at the bottle shop to pick up some essentials…Also stopped in the RAC shop to grab a map of Australia so I can start planning our route to visit as many of the 19 Australian UNESCO sites as possible during our time here. Found out, randomly by accident, that Tracey is entitled to discounts at the cinema with her car insurance premiums so we picked up a few cinema and food vouchers along with information about other attractions around Victoria and New South Wales where she can also get money off – it might be a decider in some of the places we visit!!Next stop… K Mart! Desperate for some clothes that don’t have holes in them and some new underwear, I was slightly confused by a. my new body shape and b. the Australian sizing system!! Got some cheap t-shirts and underpants to try on over the next few days to work out what fits me properly and comfortably before impulse purchasing loads of stuff that was dotted around the store – haven’t shopped in over 9 months and you could tell… Had a great time trying on ridiculous hats and ear warmers, reminding me of when I used to do stuff like that with my ‘cousin’ Gaelle. ‘Who can find the ugliest item of clothing for the other person to wear?’ has become an essential game to play when you have some free time in a clothes shop!Headed next door to the supermarket where I must have seemed like a weirdo, picking up random bottles of jars and bottles before replacing them on the shelf, exclaiming loudly about them before continuing on my way. Have found that my British accent has come out much thicker and stronger as I am clearly, subconsciously, trying to convince complete strangers that I am not a total lunatic! A selfie with me and a MASSIVE tub of hummus may have made people think otherwise…Headed back to the house, to crack open the wine and there was serious talk of having another meal of cheese and bread but sensibility ensued and Tracey made Tacos instead (with cheese and sour cream though so almost the same!!). Started marking the Australia map after dinner with the UNESCO sites and cross referencing them with the Greyhound bus routes to begin figuring out where and what was feasible to achieve during our stay ‘down under’. Now I’ve got a vague route planned, I have to start researching accommodations and working out how long we can afford (time and money wise!) to stay in each place. Pyjamas went back on as we both collapsed on the sofa, topping up our wine glasses and finishing our meal with a desert of Mint Oreo Dairy Milk Chocolate (I’m in heaven – I love you Coles supermarket!!) and sweets whilst we watched ‘The Proposal’ and continued chatting about anything and everything. Still missing Jayne loads (although the Mint Oreo chocolate is easing the pain somewhat!!). 19 days to go!

Thursday 16th June 2016

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