London – day 259 (J)

With the fiasco at the medical centre yesterday, I had the enviable task of stabbing myself in the ass and doing my own injection. I had Katherine on FaceTime for a bit of moral support and it went alright. I brought the last few bits to the storage locker and doubled back down the corridors to check the lock, the haze and emotions clouding my judgement and I wasn’t sure if I had locked the place up properly. 

A few hours flew past working on the websites at the clinic. Basically, the whole site was getting a Botox and I had Azra sitting on the arm rest of the chair conducting the symphony with an elegant eye. What better way to chill out and give the eyes a rest… a nice lunch across the road, followed by warm chocolate muffins. A quick nip across the road and a tub of clotted cream ice cream made the desert orgasmic. Another few hours ploughing through text formats, button styles, borders and images had the site finally resembling something worth publishing. Serj was on hand to give some artistic flair to the seldom used (now decommissioned) .com, online shop website. I even managed to experience first hand the zero, pain free IPL machine that I had just written about – a nice new machine that I only wish was around years ago.  I had a text from Ed with tonight’s dinner requests and I went up to the Raynes Park Kebab House – probably the single best kebabs this side of Istanbul. I ordered far too much, as per the usual, and the aroma was intoxicating on the train home. But, there was very little left to show of the mammoth feast being washed down nicely with fruit cider before bed. Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Shepparton – day 259 (K)

A totally self indulgent day – I sat on the sofa. I watched crap TV, which mainly seemed to be reruns of old British TV programmes. I read my trashy book about a wedding pact between three friends, which I secretly enjoyed. I ate, mostly bread and m&m’s. And repeat!! All day – it was bliss. I didn’t go anywhere near the map or the plan as I feel slightly overwhelmed by the immensity of it all. In fact, this was my view pretty much all day. Took some time out of my hugely taxing schedule to throw the hoover around, removing enough dog hair to make a new smaller version of Chilli dog. I also wrote a short article that I’m planning to send in to the Lonely Planet (if I ever finish it and get the courage to actually email it). After my very productive day of doing nothing, I accompanied Tracey to the hairdressers after work – they couldn’t squeeze me in for a haircut at the same time – but it was just nice to get out of the house after being a hermit all day. Giggled and chatted our way through the whole appointment, although I did pick up a gossip magazine to read but it is not gossip worth reading about if you don’t know any of the people in the articles! Headed home for an evening of ‘Modern Family’, sitting on the sofa eating dinner, drinking baileys and munching on fruit and nut toblerone. Managed a quick Skype chat with Jayne and started a new book (‘Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’) before passing out, exhausted from my day of doing nothing!! 13 days to go.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016