Shepparton – day 262 (K)

Woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of Ashleigh throwing up. Poor girl has food poisoning from the fish and chips that I bought – don’t I feel guilty?!? Felt even worse as I stayed wrapped up, warm, in bed while I let Tracey deal with it… Since Tracey had to work at the florists this morning, Ash and I took to the sofa and watched films. So nice catching up on chick flicks – He’s just not that into you, New Years Eve and Pitch Perfect 2 – whilst I looked after Ash, although I didn’t do anything! She waited until Tracey came home at midday to ask her to get her stuff, even though I’d been offering all morning!! Lols – the joys of being a mother. Never ends, even when they are nearly 20! On the plus side, Ash had made us some cupcakes with her university friends so Tracey and I had coffee and cake as we chatted – they were delicious.The rest of the afternoon was chilled out, watching TV, teasing Ash and chatting whilst watching Modern Family. Tracey had a Rotary Club changeover dinner at the local golf club, so we got dressed up, abandoned Ash on the sofa and headed out. 

Late June every year is a time of change in the Rotary world. At that time of the year, all 34,000 Rotary Clubs around the World conduct a Changeover ceremony which brings new leadership, new ideas, a new theme and renewed vitality to each Club. The changeover of leadership occurs throughout Rotary at Club, District and International level. This meeting was a club changeover, seeing a new president being presented with the presidential badge as well as giving out 100% attendance awards and thanking people for the support over the past year. People kept asking me what Rotary club I belonged to in the UK so Tracey filled in my name badge, declaring me as an ‘international drifter’. Was a great conversation starter!! Think I bored many people with the story of our travels – everyone being surprised that Australia has 19 UNESCO sites. Sat on the table with a political candidate so there was lots of talk about the recent EU referendum over dinner – a rack of lamb with vegetables and chocolate cake or cheesecake for pudding (fortunately, Tracey and I got one of each so we shared!). Having drunk wine during dinner, we were both up for a few more drinks when we got home. Unfortunately, we clearly think we are younger than we actually are because one glass of wine sat on the sofa and we were both falling asleep… 10 days to go!

Saturday 25th June 2016

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