Cobh – day 267 (J)

Everyone who lives/grew up in Cobh at some point has had to visit the Heritage Centre, probably as a school trip. It chronicles the life and fate of the Irish people through the famine and emigration. I can’t tell you if it’s changed much over the years, but apparently it’s a bit more animatronic. And of course it’s inundated with stragglers who come off the cruise liners and don’t want to get on a coach to visit other sites in Ireland. But, no trip home to Ireland is complete without a scone and a cup o’ tea at the Heritage Centre. Mam used to spend most of the summer down here selling jewellery to tourists, mostly off the liners. They seemed to have dwindled in numbers and the ones that do turn up don’t buy anything except the cheap stuff in the gift shop. Ah well, their loss. Blissfully quiet on this occasion, the scones were still hot but the latte came straight up from hell and took ages to cool down. Again, loads of catching up on complete nonsense that we’ve missed over the past few months.  After enjoying the Disney film yesterday we said we’d throw on another one – this time ‘Robin Hood’. Not as old, being released around ’73, the colour was still captivating, the voices were striking and memorable (legendary Peter Ustinov as Prince George) and the songs and ditties had a catchy quality like all of the classics. I worked away on the blogs and beauty clinic websites for a few hours and before I knew it the day was chewed up. Mam went out and continued being creative! Thus, it was brilliant news that Ritchie was still able to come collect me from Cobh and bring me down to Cloyne for dinner and a catch up. He’s now working as an EMT and has proper hours and rotas and can plan holidays and weekends away. Now, he’ll admit it himself, he used to be the type of guy that would be late for his own funeral and he was always rushing around to get from own job to the next as a self-employed carpenter. Things are finally looking up for him and I couldn’t be happier – he deserves it. And of course the last time I was down in Cloyne I was babysitting their 2yr old so they could have a night out. He’s now 8, incredibly sporty and doing well in school and he hadn’t a clue who I was. (Insert sad face and play small violin music). So, sitting down for some rice and curry we picked up as if we just left off and chatted for hours. Karen managed to get back from Port Laois on a business trip by 22:20 and suddenly the wine was pouring, the gossiping was in full flow and the hours melted away in to the morning – just like old times. With both of them working on Friday I was incredibly lucky to be able to meet up with them and was luckier that Ritchie didn’t just let me walk home, being the perfect gent and driving me. Exhausted, I still Skype’d Katherine to tell her how amazing the evening was. Thursday 30th June 2016

2 thoughts on “Cobh – day 267 (J)

  1. Now Jayne.
    Sit down before you fall through the floor from shear surprise and shock at the fact I was able to find stumble through and even leave a reply on your awesome blog !!!
    ( yes world I am officially that bad with computers and replying to things )
    But as you stated Jayne I am notoriously bad for being late for things.
    ( some things never change )
    Possibly not a good trait as an EMT in the ambulance service…..but what’s the worst that can happen……๐Ÿ˜‰
    I just wanted to let the both of you know AGAIN in writing, that it was not only awesome to finally catch up with half of the team but !!!
    Hopefully if you make it back for Christmas how awesome it will be to have extended family this year.
    ( see how awkward that shit makes you feel!!! Kind of makes you feel obliged aye. My mother has done it to me every year……)
    Seriously I hope you are both safe and well.
    If you need anything at all please contact me. As you should know and hopefully haven’t ever forgotten you were always like a younger / older brother to me before you started your journey Jayne.
    And now myself caleb and Karen would love to be there for the both of you as much as we can
    ( with out actually being there….unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰hint hint )
    To get to know my younger sister, I’m proud of you for being who you truly want to be and “taking off the mask” so many people are forced to wear!!! And finally being true to yourself.
    Again as you both should know I’m not to good with the soppy shit.
    I have to shoot now I’m trying to be a responsible adult here my mate Grant asked me to baby sitting his kid’s so he could take his wife out for dinner and drinks tonight…..I think he honestly believes he will get her drunk enough to get some giggly giggly.
    I have just fed them up on Malteasers and sugar.
    They won’t be sleeping for a week. I think the little one has climbed up the chimney!!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Stay kool till after skool.


    1. OMG, that was brilliant. It was the perfect balance of witty, funny and serious. I never knew you were so literate and poetic. ๐Ÿ˜œ
      Thank you so much for the comments. Love you to bits and hope to catch you soon for a massive night out.
      P.S. – Good work on the Malteasers!


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