Shepparton – day 268 (K)

Woke up and chatted to Jayne for one of the last times before she heads off to Kerry for a few days and goes ‘off-grid’. Ate breakfast whilst watching early morning television as I waited for Ashleigh to wake up so I could start make proper noise. When she emerged from her room, we spent a busy morning changing and washing bedsheets, sweeping and hoovering the floors before washing the floors in the house. So much so that I actually broke Tracey’s vacuum cleaner… Oops! Fortunately, it was the last bit of cleaning so Ash and I packed it away in the cupboard, swept up the last bit of dust and kept our fingers crossed that neither of us were going to get shouted at. Obviously, as the proper adult, I took full responsibility for breaking it! I even offered to replace it but that was laughed at. Ash had a date with a friend for lunch so I ate left overs from the other night whilst watching reruns of ‘Friends’, including a couple of sneaky TimTams. The next couple of hours was spent on the phone and internet, booking accommodation, renting cars and finalising coach tickets. Much more successful than I have been all week – I have got everything sorted for Jayne and me up until 21st July with tentative plans in place to get us all the way to Cairns by mid August. Spent time researching how we could visit the Whitsundays and Fraser Islands without breaking the bank, as I know it’s definitely something we will both want to do! Tracey came home from work and we headed straight out to the nearby supermarket to buy some food groceries. At 34 years old, I felt like a teenager walking around the shop with Tracey, putting junk items and drinks full of E numbers into the trolley – I had completely reverted back to my 15-year old self!! Jayne is going to be treated to some fabulous stuff when she finally gets here (if we haven’t consumed it first!!). Back at home and groceries packed away, Tracey made us a couple of Pinã Colada’s to enjoy while we waited for our Dominos pizza! Had a Hugh Grant feast by watching ‘Notting Hill’ followed by ‘Two Weeks Notice’ whilst eating far too much pizza and drinking far too much rum!! 4 days to go.

Friday 1st July 2016

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