Shepparton – day 270 (K)

Got up late and had a lazy morning after our late night at the AFL game last night. Spent the morning drinking coffee, eating fruit toast and watching TV whilst chatting about nothing in particular. Tracey needed to finish her flower walls so we headed out to the garage. Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kayne West got married in front of a wall of white peonies, roses, and gardenias, flower walls have been ‘en-vogue’ in Australia. Apparently, the demand for flower walls have been massive as they can be used anywhere and any event. Tracey rents hers out for $200 per panel but they needed some repairs and gap filling.I sat in the back of the car wrapped up in a jumper, coat and scarf chatting away to Tracey, catching up on blogs and eating far too many TimTams… We came inside after a couple of hours, when feeling had left our finger tips and the smell of hot glue was getting to us, we went back inside and warmed up with a coffee and another TimTam or two!! Deciding that we probably needed to eat something more substantial than chocolate biscuits, we jumped into the car and drove to the noodle canteen to get some dinner with a quick stop off at McDonalds to get something for Ashleigh. Enjoyed noodles and prawn crackers whilst watching the grand final of ‘House Rules’ all the while being watched by Chilli who was ever hopeful that I might give her something to snack on… 2 days to go.Sunday 3rd July 2016

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