Travelling & Kerry – day 270 (J)

All good things must come to an end. But, before we hit the road we went for a walk, where I ended up having a stand-off with a protective ewe and frightening a herd of cows. The sun was out and the hills were bright green, streams shimmering silver down the slopes from all the mist and rain yesterday. The sky was a clear blue with a splattering of white clouds and the sea had calmed down to a gentle roll, with a few yachts visible on the horizon enjoying the good weather.  We headed over to Tralee, not via the Conor Pass, but through Annascaul and past the South Pole Inn and former home of legendary Antarctic explorer Tom Creen. The rolling countryside was alive and cars (probably all tourists) were pulling over to take photos and bike riders were stopping to turn on GoPro cameras. The months of travelling (so far) have been amazing, but nothing really compares to County Kerry. Breaking up the journey with a coffee at Gloria Jean’s we motored on back towards Cobh. We got caught in a bit of traffic coming through Killarney as it was the Munster Football final – Kerry vs. Tipperary. You wouldn’t have know who won the game looking at the faces of the crowd returning to cars – FYI, it was Kerry. I’m not a fan of the Gaelic football myself, but of hurling, the fastest ball game in the world, second fastest sport after ice hockey. Listening to the radio commentary on a hurling game is exhausting, with the names of players changing so quickly and the verbs all referring to speed. We got home and everyone was exhausted. We put on a pizza and baked potatoes for dinner and sat down to watch ‘UP’. I love this film and have watched it half a dozen times. But, I still shed a tear (or a few) in three sections: the start where Ellie passes away, the scene with the Adventure Book & “go have another adventure”, and when Carl presents ‘The Ellie Badge’. Of course emotions were already simmering at boiling point, being the night before I say goodbye to my parents and start jetting off again. An emotional wreck before bed!

Sunday 3rd July 2016

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