Shepparton – day 271 (K)

Having scratched an itch with beans on toast on Saturday, I finished off the rest of the baked beans this morning with another superb breakfast – although, the beans here are and will never be the same as the ones back in the UK. Heinz baked beans will never be able to be replaced by the generic brands… However, it was still delicious!!Pottered around the house, doing some odd jobs and cleaning up whilst I waited for Ashleigh to wake up. She’s going back to university in Melbourne today, so her grandparents popped by to fill her car with groceries before she left. Chatted to them a bit, showing them the provisional travel plans for Australia. Waved goodbye to Ash around midday and started moving my stuff back into her room after sleeping on a blow up mattress for the past week (which was, surprisingly, comfortable!!). Watched some TV and did some more research on different hostels located in central Australia – really looking forward to getting moving again and visiting all these places that I’ve been looking at for the past few weeks. Caught up with Tracey after she got back from the gym and made us dinner of left over noodles and macaroni cheese. After chatting about it, we decided to rent a car for our first section of central Australia instead of getting the coach as we want to visit Kakadu National Park and would need to rent a car at several points during the route anyway to visit various places – it’s going to work out significantly cheaper since there is three of us to rent a car. Discussed a revised route to make the most out of our time with the car so we could visit everything we wanted whilst we are there. Watched some TV before heading to bed to Skype Jayne. Only 1 more day to go!!Monday 4th July 2016

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