Travelling – day 273 (J)

I was all set to leave the last blog entry as it was, hanging with suspense like the ‘To Be Continued…’ of a tv series. Of course, my life isn’t nearly as exciting to have a suspense moment and with a bit of wifi at Guang Zhou airport (terrible wifi, how Stone Age) I had seen that Katherine had prepared a blog title for Day 273 (J) and thus I needed to fill it with trivial nonsense. So here goes…

Cloudy patches of rain will continue westward over the country with light breezes coming in from the north, bringing a rise in temperature and unsettled fronts. Expect thundery downpours overnight and patches of ice in the morning. 

So, trivial weather report over – I could totally wave my hands around and be a weather presenter. Or a magicians apprentice. Oh, the possibilities… 🙂 

I watched some films and decided before nodding off for a bit that I should make myself look presentable should I not wake up for hours. Thus, a trip to the loo, where my make-up bag almost went down the rubbish bin and I was back in my chair, bolt upright, listening to an Elton John cd played just on piano. It clearly did the job as 3hrs passed and I woke up ready for a few more films. 
Over-fed and over-watered for a period of time where you just mimic a cucumber, I was quite happy to walk briskly through the airport and through Transfers. My new shoes still need to be worn in and yet they’re not as discomforting as the spoilt brats of kids running around, some without any pants on. It’s not helping a lack of sleep headache.  The flight to Melbourne wasn’t full, but there was no offer of an upgrade to better seats. Thus, I was stuck next to a gentleman who, despite having an empty seat to his left, leaned on my constantly, elbowed me regularly and had a knack of waking me up every time I drifted to sleep. Point de facto, I was zombied from the flight. 

Again, another nice stretch of the legs at the airport, it was much busier than I thought it was going to be. I don’t know what I was expecting, but something akin to London airports? My passport didn’t work for the automatic gates so I had to queue up for immigration. The queue for customs was massive and although I had to go down the quarantine route – due to being in the countryside recently and having food – I was pretty much waved through and I was in Arrivals. 

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Shepparton – day 273 (K)

Woke up feeling incredibly groggy and fuzzy headed. Thankfully, a cup of coffee and a hot crumpet with blueberry jam made me feel a hundred times better. A quick shower before giving the house a quick clean and washed some clothes before sitting down to watch some TV. Got a couple of emails saying that the accommodation we wanted to book in central Australia wasn’t available on the dates we wanted so I spent some time looking for alternatives. Once everything was sorted, I put on a film (Yours, Mine & Ours) and tracked Jayne’s plane online. Everything seemed to be okay with her flight so I started making her welcome sign for when we collect her at the airport tomorrow. Tracey came home and we went out to get her parents car, as it will be more comfortable to drive to the 400km round trip to the airport. Back at the house for some tacos and a couple of episodes of Modern Family before going to bed. Super excited to see Jayne in the morning – been weird being without her for the past three weeks and can’t believe we’ve got some more adventures coming up in the not too distant future.Wednesday 6th July 2016