Shepparton – day 273 (K)

Woke up feeling incredibly groggy and fuzzy headed. Thankfully, a cup of coffee and a hot crumpet with blueberry jam made me feel a hundred times better. A quick shower before giving the house a quick clean and washed some clothes before sitting down to watch some TV. Got a couple of emails saying that the accommodation we wanted to book in central Australia wasn’t available on the dates we wanted so I spent some time looking for alternatives. Once everything was sorted, I put on a film (Yours, Mine & Ours) and tracked Jayne’s plane online. Everything seemed to be okay with her flight so I started making her welcome sign for when we collect her at the airport tomorrow. Tracey came home and we went out to get her parents car, as it will be more comfortable to drive to the 400km round trip to the airport. Back at the house for some tacos and a couple of episodes of Modern Family before going to bed. Super excited to see Jayne in the morning – been weird being without her for the past three weeks and can’t believe we’ve got some more adventures coming up in the not too distant future.Wednesday 6th July 2016

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