Shepparton – day 279

I didn’t wake up early, so I didn’t frighten Tracey half to death by creeping around the house. But, the minute the car pulled out of the garage I was up and bouncing about with energy. With nothing planned for the day except getting organised and finalising plans, it was a very bog standard day and not much to write about. 

I sorted through some blog entries – reposting the missing day 220 – and categorising them for ease of reference, with a grand plan coming to shape for when the website comes together. It’s very slowly getting there. 

Not much else happened during the day. Kat worked away on planning the trip around Oz and I worked on the blog. Tracey came home to drop off Chilli before heading off to a Rotary meeting. We strolled to Coles, got some dinner and watched a bit of tv before packing and getting ready for our adventure. Tuesday 12th July 2016

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