Great Ocean Road to Port Fairy – day 281

The American lady sharing the dorm with us awoke early. While I have no issues with someone wanting to hit the road as dawn breaks and the sun rises, I think she could have planned it a little better before bed. Not a single item was packed and with a half dozen little bags I think she was trying to rustle every single one. Still, every cloud has a silver lining, and it meant we were waiting for her to leave, hopped out of bed and got ready for the day. Thus, we hit the road at a nice time and squeezed in loads to our day.

The Cape Otway Lighthouse was charging a ridiculous amount to go in to their grounds and we weren’t sure if that included or excluded being allowed climb the lighthouse itself. Not wanting to climb it, nor spend so much money we walked up the path a bit to a lookout where we saw the top of the lighthouse… for free!
We contemplated visiting the Tree Top Walk and Otway Fly in the car when I shouted “KOALA!” Katherine did ever so well to pull over somewhere sensible and we walked back to the place where I saw the fluffy ball of grey fur. I spotted another, but, it was Kat, hopping up and down with excitement like a kid in a sweet shop, spotting a third one that was the best. Definitely the more photogenic of the three, Katherine was beaming and was trying to suggest how the poor lill’ guy would be warmer in the car with us and we could harvest all the leaves it would need. You can start to get a feeling of how much she loves them and would do pretty much anything to have one as a pet.IMG_0040So, having laughed at all the cars passing, straining out the window to try and glimpse a Koala, nobody stopping to ask us, the joke was on us. Around the corner a Koala was sitting low down in a tree, next to the road, munching away. We spent ages watching him and Katherine was encapsulated by the furry guy even when it started to rain. Finally relenting, we drove out of the Otway headland forest and decided to skip the tree top trail and head for the Apostles.IMG_0066IMG_0072IMG_0087There have never been 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. In fact, for a long time they were just called Apostles, some unknown gentleman naming them such to make them more popular. The Twelve Apostles was named some time later, their original name being ‘The Sow and Piglets’. And why not, a bit of publicity for such an amazing landscape is why we have turned up along this stretch of Australia.IMG_0167Stopping at yet another lookout, we strolled along the cliff top trail between lookout points to get different views of the coastline and each view was spectacular. The changing weather; at times bitterly cold, other times the salt water blowing horizontally cutting in to our face, sometimes sun blazing (for very short periods) and all the time mesmerising.We spent hours driving to new landmarks, waking different trails and soaking up the experience. We visited ‘Gog & Magog, ‘The Twelve Apostles’, ‘Loch Ard Gorge’, ‘Broken Head’, ‘Thunder Cave’, ‘London Bridge’, ‘The Arch’ and ‘The Bay of Martyrs’.

IMG_0196IMG_0231IMG_0264IMG_0306IMG_0340IMG_0355IMG_0370IMG_0440IMG_0466IMG_0509IMG_0546IMG_0572IMG_0575Dragging ourselves back to the car at each stop we finally called it a day and headed to Port Fairy. A cozy little YHA, we did Chilli Con Carne for dinner, cuddled up in the living room with the heater making the place all snug and warm. Katherine read one of her Chat magazines while I tried to clear our phones of some of the photos and videos we took during the day.

Total distance driven: 217km

Thursday 14th July 2016

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