Shepparton – day 332

We feel that today can be summed up perfectly by the song ‘Hangover’ by Taio Cruz featuring Flo Rida. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the musical genius of this catchy tune, I have included some of the lyrics below… 

I got a hangover, whoa! 

I’ve been drinking too much for sure

I got a hangover, whoa! 

I got an empty cup 

Pour me some more


So I can go until I blow up, eh

And I can drink until I throw up, eh

And I don’t ever ever want to grow up, eh

I wanna keep it going, ke-keep, keep it going, going, going, going….


I got a little bit trashed last night, night

I got a little bit wasted, yeah yeah

I got a little bit mashed last night, night

I got a little shit faced it, yeah yeah


So that was us… All recovering from last nights antics although it seemed slightly worse for Tracey who had to do her half day work at the florist shop whilst Jayne and I sat quietly on the sofa drinking coffee and eating yellow food. I tried to upload some blogs but it was just all too much and I had neither the will or the energy to continue. Besides, I needed more caffeine!!Tracey came home around 2pm and joined us as we made sizeable arse prints on her couch, watching ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ before catching up on some ‘Zumbo’s Just Deserts’ (like Masterchef but only with deserts – it made me wish that I could bake!!). Tracey made us dinner of chilli mince and tortilla chips as we continued vegin’ out on the sofa. Saturday 3rd September 2016

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