Bangkok – day 339

Finally pulled our finger out today and got busy planning the next couple of months travelling. Not entirely sure where our motivation had gone over the past few days – feel like our bodies need a rest after flying round Australia at 100 miles per hour! Anyway, with a new found vigour, we got about researching, planning and booking. Have decided to utilise our free 30-day Thai visa by, hopefully, visiting some more UNESCO sites here before heading over to Cambodia. I say hopefully as the first site we looked at seems impossible to visit without either a. a car or b. lots of money! Still got my fingers crossed for that elusive lottery win. As I hung out a load of laundry on the rooftop terrace, Jayne sorted out some lunch for us. We had got some noodle pots from the shop yesterday and happily munched away on those as we chatted about what information we had both found about our proposed itinerary. I even attempted the noodles in the foil lid bowl (as seen in Tasmania) but I failed epically and got soup everywhere!! More planning in the afternoon, checking the train times for tomorrow heading to Kanchanburi (the death railway) and booking accommodation in the town for when we arrive. Research interspersed with Facebook, Candy Crush and chatting to ninja twin on messenger along with packing up our clean clothes was the remainder of our day. Headed out to our usual street restaurant for dinner, both deciding to try something new on the menu. Feel like Jayne ended up with the nicer dish out of the two of us with her Thai red curry (not too different!) although my chicken with ginger was pretty good. Treated ourselves to a shared dessert of sticky rice and mango before heading back to the hostel to relax for the rest of the evening. Saturday 10th September 2016

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