Siem Reap – day 355

Jayne seems to have caught my stinking cold so today was declared as another bed and bathrobe day! I popped out and got some bread from the staff outside the hotel and we crawled back into bed and had breakfast with fruit tea whilst chilling out. TV and film watching was interspersed with nose blowing and snoozing! I did some planning and research about other things we could do in Cambodia and flicked through emails and Facebook before having a scan on the TES jobs website for teaching jobs for when we get back to the UK, signing up for specific alerts for any SEN jobs. 

Having had instant noodles for lunch, we forced ourselves to get dressed and walked into town to have some dinner. As much as we both wanted another bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) we decided that we should probably put something more substantial in our bellies – especially as we were now both fighting colds. Headed to a nearby restaurant that served Khmer food. I clearly had the better food choice with my spicy curry as Jayne’s sweet and sour soup was just a little bit weird… Walked back to the hotel via the Blue Pumpkin bakery to treat ourselves to some chocolate cake (it was divine!!) before getting back into our pyjamas and watching some more TV. 

Monday 26th September 2016

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