Bangkok & Travelling – day 386

We left the room at the last possible minute, pushing the check out time to the max. We had a few hours to kill and while we would have had better wifi and air con down in reception, we preferred the peace and quiet. But, uncomfortable wooden chairs and noisy guests soon greeted us as we plonked ourselves down for a few hours. We both had work to do: job applications, emails and convincing people we were off somewhere exotic (still very deceitful in preparation for surprising friends). We broke up the late morning, early afternoon with a trip to 7 Eleven to cash in the coupons… I was hoping for a unique lunch box to store my ticket stubs in from the travels. Alas, they needed to be pre-ordered. But, the tokens/coupons act as currency and we traded them for Milo Hot Chocolate powder, notepads and sweets. Score!!
Our lunch plans were sadly ruined as we hadn’t accounted for them not being open that early during the day. The shop fronts were they set up their tables and chairs were still trading fruit, veg and other wares and we while we waved to them (chopping and prepping for the evening), we had to find somewhere different for our last meal. We wandered up the road, further than we had done since our first visit 4years ago when this was the road we took towards the river. The street had drastically changed and the atmosphere was lessened and more commercial. Alas, all good things must come to an end. But, one more pad Thai noodles would hopefully make it a bit better.img_0660img_0661img_0662Arriving at the airport with ease, we were checked in all the way to London Heathrow and soon jetting off to Kuala Lumpur for Christmas our transfer. The airport was very well organised and sign-posted, but with the previous flight slightly delayed, there was a small panic of transferring terminals in time to catch the adjoining flight. We needn’t have worried as clearly half the flight was already on the one we had just come on. Typical.

We had done well to book seats at the rear of the plane. Nobody was sitting behind us and thus we felt comfortable in reclining the seas without upsetting people behind or being woken up from airplane monkeys swinging off the seat to go to the loo. The down side, something that we never anticipated, was that by being so comfortable and relaxed, we didn’t shuffle in our seats or walk around as much as we probably normally would have. Thus, I may have developed a bit of a trapped nerve in my right thigh for the position I slept in. Ouch!!

Thursday 27th October 2016

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