Shepparton – day 332

We feel that today can be summed up perfectly by the song ‘Hangover’ by Taio Cruz featuring Flo Rida. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the musical genius of this catchy tune, I have included some of the lyrics below… 

I got a hangover, whoa! 

I’ve been drinking too much for sure

I got a hangover, whoa! 

I got an empty cup 

Pour me some more


So I can go until I blow up, eh

And I can drink until I throw up, eh

And I don’t ever ever want to grow up, eh

I wanna keep it going, ke-keep, keep it going, going, going, going….


I got a little bit trashed last night, night

I got a little bit wasted, yeah yeah

I got a little bit mashed last night, night

I got a little shit faced it, yeah yeah


So that was us… All recovering from last nights antics although it seemed slightly worse for Tracey who had to do her half day work at the florist shop whilst Jayne and I sat quietly on the sofa drinking coffee and eating yellow food. I tried to upload some blogs but it was just all too much and I had neither the will or the energy to continue. Besides, I needed more caffeine!!Tracey came home around 2pm and joined us as we made sizeable arse prints on her couch, watching ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ before catching up on some ‘Zumbo’s Just Deserts’ (like Masterchef but only with deserts – it made me wish that I could bake!!). Tracey made us dinner of chilli mince and tortilla chips as we continued vegin’ out on the sofa. Saturday 3rd September 2016

London – day 257 (J)

I eventually got up off my ass, having spent the morning clearing the Hard Drive of films and tv series and freeing up space for all the photos to come. I grabbed a train to Wimbledon and the 57 bus out to Tooting Broadway. I can’t remember ever having gotten off there and was surprised (and slightly excited) to see that there was a Primark (Primarni – for the posh people shopping cheaply). I got some new plimsoles, a smaller headphone splitter to the one we have and a handy little USB charger ‘do-da-thingy’. 

I killed some time in the 99p store, before meeting up with Jo, my boss from Lifeways, the amazing place I worked before jetting off to travel the world. We spent a brilliant few hours chatting. We went to a Sri Lanka restaurant where I was able to order some exciting new stuff for her to try. What I remembered calling Idly is actually Vadai – a potato doughnut served with a chilli, coconut dip. I also ordered a Masala Dosa, although it wasn’t nearly as big as the ones I remember/used to, plus it only came with sambal (chilli coconut mix?) and a nondescript curry. The pièce de la rèsistance was – as some might have guessed – chicken Kotthu. Not nearly as spicy as Trincomalee or other remote areas of Sri Lanka, we both tucked in and it was fab. Not doing any good to Jo’s new strict diet, I hope it was worth it. So, having literally and figuratively ruined our tummies for the next few days we threw caution to the wind and had carrot cake, red velvet cake and coffees in a cafe a few doors down. It was awesome catching up and we spent ages chatting about our respective adventures; Jo have recently done Antarctica and heading off to Glastonbury in 2 days. By the time we parted ways I think I managed to convince/sway her to visit Sri Lanka and possibly squeeze in a trip to the Maldives and Myanmar. I’m such a bad influence. First the diet, then the holiday budget. Down the road there was a massive M&S, so I managed to get some new underwear, replacing the poor old hand washed for 8 months, falling apart, piece of rags that I still had. I also got a small atomiser in Boots so that I could do away with the little glass perfume bottles and some new shampoo, conditioner etc not to use any more of the luxuriant products that Narae had provided. With traffic ground to a halt and buses not moving either, I walked in the Wimbledon. I had hoped to pop in to Blacks and get some new trousers but I missed them by 9minutes. Finding Dory isn’t out in cinemas yet or wasn’t showing in the Odeon, so with both plans scuppered in town I headed home. I was unexpected back at the Park household and yet I was still offered dinner. A beautiful medley of Korean food and it was pure gluttony that saw me eat a selection of kimchi, gyoza, omelette, avocado, prawn & miso soup, dried fish & walnuts and what is described by the famous chef Rick Stein as snot, a fermented soya bean called nato. It was a funny texture with stringy goo holding the beans together in what otherwise resembled a pile of bogies. But, they are good for you and I ate ’em. Needless to say I waddled to bed. Monday 20th June 2016

London – day 256 (J)

I woke up naturally at 06:00 and my brain went in to overdrive while my body was saying go back to sleep. The deciding factor in what to do was hearing little Benjamin start to stir and cry upstairs. So, up, showered and ready to go, I left the house at 07:20 and headed to the train station for the starting point of the 151 bus route. Knocking on a door at 08:30, as a surprise, seemed a bit excessive, but I was greeted enthusiastically by Clare and Martin, and thankfully both of them were dressed. Loads of hugs ensued while the kettle boiled and finally managed to sit down for a wicked catch up (with loads of coffee). We Skype’d Katherine and Tracey in Oz and I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Let’s just say there was talk of the map of Tasmania, merkins, Julie Andrews, temple monsters and pixies. This won’t make sense to 99% of the readers, but as a reminder to ourselves, we shall probably crack up just thinking about it. I went down to Lidl and got some croissants while they cleaned the house (expecting Martin’s parents for Father’s Day lunch at 13:00) and we smothered them with butter… Coz that’s just what you do. Train to Victoria, tube up to King’s Cross and one was reminded of the stations tie with Harry Potter, watching Gryffindor students wander about. They kicked us all off the train as there was no driver, then rushed us all back on as a driver had been found. The train journey was so nice I couldn’t concentrate on reading my book and it was worth it when I saw a field ablaze with crimson red, covered in thousands of poppies.
Nicola picked me up at the station, and the plan was we’d have dinner at Morrisons across the road, but they stopped serving at 15:00. So, she got a salad and we waited for Helen and Carol who were somewhere en route, the minibus service having brought them full circle around the town before getting back to the car. We zoomed down to Garden ‘T’ of the Letchworth Garden City open garden day and Nic kindly paid for me (proceeds going to Red Cross and other worthy charities). I managed to visit 9 gardens with them before 17:00 closing time. The gardens were lovely: long narrow gardens with big lawns and borders, small gardens with livestock, an old post office with sculptures, water features and fruit/ veg patches and orchards. They were all a bit different and it was wonderful to see such vibrant colours and flowers, and made me start dreaming of having a massive garden of my own to have space to create different aspects and themes.

Nicola and I watched a bit of tv after catching up – The Last Leg. The lads usual antics, as always, keep you up to date with current affairs and put a jovial spin on the otherwise mundane or incredulous. I was really impressed with myself to notice that the first ad in the commercials was a slow boat in Laos that she, I and Katherine had visited almost three years ago. Clearly we need to start recording more video on our trips and making money through creating short commercials rather than writing blogs. A lovely home cooked meal, with Nigel visiting and entertaining us with tales from work. The only damper to his celebration evening was the lack of a cup of tea.  Back on a train heading home, my poor ears are suffering going through all the tunnels at high speed. Plus, being almost finished writing today’s blog, I’ll have nothing more to do to keep me awake. Here’s hoping I make it back and not waking up in some random part of the country.

Sunday 19th June 2016