Shepparton – day 279

I didn’t wake up early, so I didn’t frighten Tracey half to death by creeping around the house. But, the minute the car pulled out of the garage I was up and bouncing about with energy. With nothing planned for the day except getting organised and finalising plans, it was a very bog standard day and not much to write about. 

I sorted through some blog entries – reposting the missing day 220 – and categorising them for ease of reference, with a grand plan coming to shape for when the website comes together. It’s very slowly getting there. 

Not much else happened during the day. Kat worked away on planning the trip around Oz and I worked on the blog. Tracey came home to drop off Chilli before heading off to a Rotary meeting. We strolled to Coles, got some dinner and watched a bit of tv before packing and getting ready for our adventure. Tuesday 12th July 2016

Shepparton – day 278

Jayne woke up at 5am, creeping into the lounge to watch some TV and scaring Tracey half to death when she went to get her morning coffee! I slept until 7am before joining Jayne on the sofa to watch early morning TV and the never ending stream of adverts selling everything from collapsible Tupperware boxes to exercise machines, from life insurance to emergency battery packs. After getting showered and dressed, we headed to Coles to get some food for lunch (and I played on their in-store piano) and to do some research on things we could easily cook and eat when we are staying in hostels around the country. 

Back at home, we chilled out in front of the TV and Jayne continued her job of reordering the dates on the blogs whilst I researched tours for the Whitsundays and Fraser Island. Both of us feeling like we’d eaten too much junk food over the past few days (and weeks!), I made us a Greek salad with couscous for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing the same thing as this morning – watching TV, sorting blogs and researching tours. There are so many to chose from, all offering different things and varying significantly in prices!! Think I just need to get the courage to make a decision and start booking… Then everything else will fall into place! Tracey came home and Chilli dog went straight to Jayne for cuddles (traitor!!) before barely acknowledging me and then going to bed. 

Went to the GV hotel for dinner with Tracey’s parents. Was a really nice evening, chatting about stuff and listening to stories about Tracey’s childhood. The food was really nice and huge in quantities – I could barely move after my calamari and chips! 2 bottles of wine between four of us (although the second bottle was mostly consumed by John and me) and a coffee rounded off our evening. 

Monday 11th July 2016

Shepparton – day 260 (K)

Having had a more ‘relaxed’ day yesterday, today was the day of productivity!! Woke up and Skyped Jayne before reading a bit more of my book (it’s already far too interesting and addictive!). Got showered and dressed before I got sucked in to reading another chapter and grabbed the duvet that Tracey needed washing and walked down the road to the laundrette. Now, I haven’t been to a laundrette since my university days a few years (ahem… 13 years) ago, however they are still the same… Brilliant old machines that object to the tiniest bit of dirt on your coins positioned next to tumble driers big enough to fit a fully grown human being inside! I put the duvet in the ‘big’ machine and stood in the corner (there were no seats) and tried to read my book. However, I got too distracted by the people coming in and out, carrying loads of clothes, towels and even someone with hospital uniforms. There was also a (very) pregnant woman wearing a thong (or worse… going commando!!) under her fully stretched, practically see through leggings. Thankfully the washing cycle was relatively quick and I managed to grab a tumble dryer before the laundrette started getting busy. 20 minutes later, the duvet was clean and dry! Walked back to Tracey’s house via the supermarket to pick up some essentials – cereal, toilet paper and more alcohol! The rest of the day was spent sorting out clothes washing, editing my Lonely Planet article and watching TV. Tracey came home from the gym and we had a dinner of left over food items and cheese whilst chatting about various things. Tracey’s colleague had seen the videos I have been sending daily of me singing to songs about loneliness and did her own, using a hairdryer as a wind machine… Bring it on – it’s now officially become a competition! Ate the rocky road chocolate apple as we watched a couple of episodes of ‘Orange is the New Black’ and caught the end of the AFL game between Adelaide and North Melbourne. I understand some of the rules now but still want to try and catch a live game whilst we are ‘down under’. 12 days to go!Thursday 23rd June 2016