London – day 263 (J)

A very simple relaxed day was exactly what the doctor ordered and yet I managed to do loads and have nothing to show for it. Clare and I went out for a lovely walk around the Wallington area. You’d never realise how close you were to the city or the main roads, these beautiful homes tucked away behind massive hedges and at the bottom of immense gardens. All of them spoke of wealth and decadence in their own way and it was nice day-dreaming of living like the other half. IMG_9700We ended up getting to the garden centre before it closed and for the extortionate price of 20p Clare was able to feed the koi and carp in the big pond at the back of the nursery. It soon became very crowded and we left the brightly coloured fish to gawp at the water surface in the hope of more food being thrown at them. The aquatics centre was very well taken care of and the garden centre had a wide selection of plants to satisfy any green fingers. IMG_9681
Our preamble down the country lane meant we saw a juvenile fox out and about and a selection of different coloured poppies. We picked up some dandelion leaves for Hercules and Clare created a simple, stylish display on the window sill from some lavender she picked up outside the front of the building. I worked on the website design of the clinic while Clare watched Penny Dreadful. I watched the new Jungle Book afterwards with a plate of yellow food for dinner and avoiding packing until the last possible moment. IMG_9697
Sunday 26th June 2016