London – day 259 (J)

With the fiasco at the medical centre yesterday, I had the enviable task of stabbing myself in the ass and doing my own injection. I had Katherine on FaceTime for a bit of moral support and it went alright. I brought the last few bits to the storage locker and doubled back down the corridors to check the lock, the haze and emotions clouding my judgement and I wasn’t sure if I had locked the place up properly. 

A few hours flew past working on the websites at the clinic. Basically, the whole site was getting a Botox and I had Azra sitting on the arm rest of the chair conducting the symphony with an elegant eye. What better way to chill out and give the eyes a rest… a nice lunch across the road, followed by warm chocolate muffins. A quick nip across the road and a tub of clotted cream ice cream made the desert orgasmic. Another few hours ploughing through text formats, button styles, borders and images had the site finally resembling something worth publishing. Serj was on hand to give some artistic flair to the seldom used (now decommissioned) .com, online shop website. I even managed to experience first hand the zero, pain free IPL machine that I had just written about – a nice new machine that I only wish was around years ago.  I had a text from Ed with tonight’s dinner requests and I went up to the Raynes Park Kebab House – probably the single best kebabs this side of Istanbul. I ordered far too much, as per the usual, and the aroma was intoxicating on the train home. But, there was very little left to show of the mammoth feast being washed down nicely with fruit cider before bed. Wednesday 22nd June 2016

London – day 255 (J)

A much more relaxed, but no less adventurous day was had. Still zombied from travelling and all the walking yesterday, I surprisingly bounced out of bed and got ready. I was seeing the doctor at 09:10 and I couldn’t miss the appointment. I had to make it a month in advance while I was still in Myanmar. But, I needn’t have worried. I got a lift to the station from Ed as he was collecting someone before a seminar in Oxford, making my morning dash even easier. Blood tests ‘A’ OK (except cholesterol), there was no issues and was able to get a new set of prescriptions. Thus, the adventures can continue and Katherine has loads of options of where we can go traveling. 

Up the road to Hawkins Beauty Clinic I was able to organise a dinner date with the lovely Azra for Monday. I then splurged and had a roast veg quiche in the cafe, catching up with her son who is doing some amazing work with Imperial College London, developing some cool gadgets and engineering feats for UAV’s (drones) and intelligent software programs for terrain exploration. 

The storage locker is only down the road. A convenient factor in our choice to pick it day one. So, I strolled down the A3, with a lollipop, ‘dancing’ (probably much to the amusement of drivers), listening to the most ecliptic mix of music that was on my phone – The Piano Guys, Goo Goo Dolls, Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons, plus others. The locker was exactly how we left it back in October. Scary stuff. Sorting through the boxes looking for the solar charger cable I came across such random memories and crates of junk that will be donated on our return. Needless to say, didn’t find the cable, so everything went back in, in a different Lego style jenga puzzle, making room for the big bag that I’d soon be leaving there.  I picked up a lychee flavoured coconut drink in Korea Foods next door and some cake (later discovering it was a rice cake, not sponge cake). B&Q had a small propagator tray and some compost, so I have a project for Alex some evening to plant seeds and continue his current interest in plants. I got some washing done back at the house, put on the dishwasher and got the photos off the big camera from my escapades in the city for the blog. 

Ed popped back to the house and long story short, I was invited to an evening meal with Narae’s parents to celebrate Father’s Day. Off to Nando’s for a feast. Now, maybe it was just this place, maybe it’s the new style, I don’t know… but the restaurant was crazy. You walk around loads getting the stuff you want/need for the table yourself, order food at the one main counter and run back and forth to fill up drinks. I felt like I should have been making kissing noises like they do in Myanmar to grab the attention of the staff. But, alls well that ends well, with buckets of chips being left over on the platters. They were just screaming “Eat Me!” Oh chips, how I’ve missed you, which is something I didn’t realise until faced with the opportunity of eating my body weight in thin strips of fried potato goodness. A slightly dramatic evening when Alex got his fingers jammed in the front door of home. He was an absolute trooper! The remaining trio of the evening got to Skype Katherine as she was waking up and then I pretty much passed out. 

Saturday 18th June 2016