Koh Tao – day 383

I sit down to right this almost a full month after the day in Koh Tao. The smell of deep heat is filling my nostrils and there is a dull ache in my right thigh – meralgia paresthetica (a trapped nerve) – as a result of the long haul flight back to the UK. It would have been a different story that Monday back in October if I had a sore leg. We were off exploring the island. img_2788img_2787img_2852img_2855The south west stretch of the island has a nice trail that leads to some quiet beaches and stunning views. We headed off with plenty of water and some snacks. We had been told about Jansom Bay from a tattoo artists’ wife trying to small talk us in to a tatt the other evening. Waking through several resorts (very odd) we made our way to the infamous bay. With huts nestled behind giant boulders and shrouded in trees, the entire ‘U’-shaped bay was dotted with tiny platforms for a secretive abode experience. The area was beautiful, with a few metres up or down the trail giving unique glimpses of crystal clear water, gently rolling waves, lush green trees and palms and a selection of boulders in various sizes.
We didn’t stay at Jansom Bay. There were signs everywhere saying how we would have to pay to stay at the resort and more again if we wanted to use the beach. Why would you go there and not sit at the beach??? So we continued on, following an assortment of ill-informed signs directing us to the next beach. Not relying on the information, we nevertheless kept plodding up and down, ever onwards, again catching views of the Gulf of Thailand to the south of us and arrived at a small bay – Sai Nuan. img_2781img_2785
A handful of people, mostly couples, peppered the white sand with various shades of burnt skin. The snorkelling must have been nice as 50% were in and out regularly to explore the shallows. The abundance of jellyfish on other beaches, plus the arming signs of what type of jellies they were, meant I was too scared to venture in. So, I chilled out on the swing, did some puzzles, read some magazines and generally chilled out. img_2789img_2790img_2794img_2823
With the heat becoming intense and lunch time approaching we thought we’d continue along the coastline in hope of finding a restaurant not attached to a resort. We struck it rich with the Banana Rock Bar. A little bamboo hut, built on top of the lively granite boulders of the area and a sea breeze and view to boot. Still experimenting with some of the new curries on offer on the island, I think we both got a massaman curry or something similar. I think we said very little, both focusing on the heron fishing and the waves breaking over a single rock only to emerge victorious a few seconds later. img_2845img_2847img_2851
The heat was still a little too much to bear after our late lunch and we headed home. We were lucky, as by the time we got back, the heavens opened and a downpour flooded streets, clouded out the sun and created a heavy sticky feeling with the humidity. We chilled out for the afternoon, packed some bags, had dinner and enjoyed the last evening before leaving the island.

Monday 24th October 2016

Shepparton – day 258 (K)

Another day by myself, resulting in a video being sent to Tracey at work of me lip syncing to the song ‘Lonely’ by Akon… Skyped Jayne as I woke up – still feels weird skyping her when she is going to bed and I am just waking up. Doesn’t feel like she is on the other side of the world at all, even though I miss her like crazy! Got showered and dressed before making myself a crumpet with blueberry jam for breakfast whilst watching a segment on early morning television about professional mermaids. Maybe I should reconsider my career choice! Decided to get out of the house for a bit, so I walked the 5km into town to do some shopping. Went into the laundrette at the end of the road to make sure they have washing machines big enough to take a duvet and checked costs etc. before continuing down the road towards the town. En route, I passed the Victoria Park Lake. It a beautiful park with play areas, a skate park and an outdoor barbecue section. The leaves on the trees have turned a lovely shade of orange which reminds me of Autumn back in the UK – if only there was a hot Starbucks in my hand…Went to Kmart and got some new underwear. What people don’t tell you about travelling is that your body shape changes so much whilst you are away – none of my underwear fits properly anymore and to make matters worse, I have no idea what size I should be especially since Australia has a different bra sizing system to the UK. Must have tried on about 6 different bras to find the right style and size to fit my new shape before picking up some toiletries and began the walk back to the house. Must have had luck in my side as it began raining not long after I got in. Had some left over spaghetti bolognaise from yesterday for lunch before continuing my route planning around Australia, this time mapping out a timeline to start working out when we needed to book greyhound buses, jet star flights, rent cars etc. Tracey came home from work and we chatted for a bit about my planning, checking that it fits in with her work schedule and her dog babysitters. Managed to squeeze in an episode of ‘Modern Family’ before we headed to the Rotary club dinner meeting. A social evening meeting, it was great to meet some of the other members, who were interested in Jayne and my UNESCO hunt around the world, many of them surprised by how many sites there were in Australia and that there were 1,007 sites worldwide (and counting!). Stuffed full of lasagne, chunky chips, salad and a coconut raspberry cake for dessert, we were back at the house watching the latest episodes of ‘House Rules’ whilst finishing off the remaining Baileys… Oops! 14 days to go!

Tuesday 21st June 2016