Bangkok – day 337

Having woken up at ridiculous o’clock in the morning cause we are both still on Australian time, we both managed to force ourselves back to sleep for a couple of extra hours before getting up with ambitious ideas to fill the day with catching up on blogs and making plans for the upcoming weeks. We headed up to the roof terrace to consider getting some fresh air but with the humidity and heat, there was no way that we would be able to sit up there for an extended period of time, despite the stunning views.We headed back downstairs and sat directly under the wifi router to start working. Jayne started choosing photos and I began uploading them to the blog. Got a couple done before we both decided we were too tired to continue so headed back to the room. Jayne played some Candy Crush whilst I indulged in a little nap (for those who don’t know me I never sleep during the day because, 9 times out of 10, when I wake up I am like the antichrist!). As I snored softly next to Jayne, a little nap turned into a longer one and a game of Candy Crush turned into several levels – so much for our well thought out plans for the day! When I woke up, we pottered around for a bit, checking Facebook, emails and Pinterest before deciding to head out for dinner. Back to our favourite street cafe around the corner from the hostel, we had literally sat down when the heavens opened and the rain flooded the street within a matter of minutes. Watching the locals shield themselves from the rain and constantly try and empty the puddle from the awnings was what past the time before the food came. Stuffed full of Thai green curry and papaya salad, the rain had stopped by the time we walked back to the hostel although the street were still wet so my feet became disgustingly dirty in the space of 2 minutes and need a good scrub before I was allowed to get into bed. 

Thursday 8th September 2016

Travelling – day 336

There were 4 heaters on the ceiling of the bathroom that give out a nice warmth before and after your shower. Discovering these unique features the night before was helpful when getting up at 04:15, when the surprisingly very inactive day yesterday had left us really tired and wanting to stay curled up in bed. But, we managed to hop on the shuttle bus for 05:30 and zip back to Melbourne airport for attempt #2 at leaving the country. The gentlemen that were before us yesterday at ticket desk, at the same hotel and on the same shuttle bus, went their own way and joined the queue for check in much later than we did. In fact, the queue became mental and the regular 07:00 flight for business people flying to Sydney for meetings was delayed as JetStar hijackers took all the spare seats and were checking in late. In defence, we were told to check in at 06:00, Katherine and I wanted to be earlier for safety sake. 
We were given breakfast on the short haul flight to Sydney and loved the space, comfort, sophistication, et cetera of the Qantas flight. We were eagerly hopeful that the next flight would be equally luxurious, so we wrote missing blogs and listened to music. A throng of eager people buzzed through the domestic lounge to gate 15, where the shuttle bus took us to the international terminal. Through security again, the staff weren’t as pleasant as the domestic crew, but maybe they have tougher jobs dealing with different languages and more baggage trying to be taken as hand luggage? They certainly had a rough time at the boarding gate where a gent was f*ing and blinding about something. The guys behind us on the plane (seat monkeys) were also loud and we heard that the gentleman outside was rather irate as he felt that, due to the flight cancellation yesterday, he deserved to be upgraded to business class and wasn’t boarding the plane unless it happened… I believe his bags were removed from the hold! Also, someone they knew lost their passport somewhere between checking in at Melbourne yesterday and this morning and couldn’t even make it to Sydney. The whole scene was a small Month Python sketch and we were lucky to have a pleasant passenger next to us for the flight. A delectable homemade drink of orange and hibiscus was served before a choice of lunch – Katherine ordered the pork chop, I had the beef curry. With a garlic bread bun and rhubarb desert we had struck out big time. So, when the drinks trolley came through and we were on film numero duo we were now sipping G&T’s. It’s a tough life as an international drifter. 

Skip ahead some easy trips to the bathroom as we didn’t block anyone, sparkling wines, more films and to series, a flat beard cheese concoction for an amuse bouche and we touched down in Bangkok, a day later than planned and a longer flight than anticipated. We knew the airport well and self guided went through immigration, collected bags and were on a train in to the city. 
In the space of dumping bags in the room and returning to our infamous street restaurant the heavens had opened and the rain was pouring down. But, nothing, not even the smell of sewage from the flowing sewers could ruin the papaya salad and green curry to finish a perfect day. Plus, a private room to snuggle up and drift asleep. Wednesday 7th September 2016