Norway – Sweden Trip (Feb 2019)

Jukkasjärvi -> London (23/02/2019)

The bitter sweet awakening of someone getting up on the last morning of a holiday. The shower and space provided eased the parting blow and we got to have breakfast before the masses arrived with their little darlings.

There was no guests with high heels this morning, yesterday’s arrivals being ill prepared for life in the snowy, icy conditions. They were now shivering over their coffees, wearing fashion faux pax ski suits and jeggings, with their hair done in perfect ringlets. Cringe!

We gazed longingly out of our bedroom window, the sun shining a hazy glow to the epipheral beauty of untouched snow and trees covered in winter’s dust.

We didn’t break a leg on the trip, nor lost any fingers to frostbite, so when the shuttle bus arrived, it was with impending doom that it brought us to the airport and it too would bring us back home and to work.

The final glimpses out of the airplane window were off a pure, peaceful environment, calling to us to stay. We would find a solution to have Nahla adapt to the harsh conditions and she would love playing with in the snow.

We had had a trip of a lifetime and ticked some things off our bucket list. It was a pretty epic adventure.

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

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