Delhi – day 2

Whilst Jayne enjoyed another long lie-in, I actually sat down and read some of my book (talk about indulgent luxury!!!). We headed off on the train slightly out of Delhi to visit the Baha’i House of Worship (also known as the Lotus Temple). An absolutely amazing temple, shaped like a giant lotus flower, comprised of 27 blindingly immaculate white-marble petals.   

After some impressive herding and de-shoeing of tourists, we went into the sparse interior of the temple. We both got transfixed in the architecture of the temple – it’s a large quantity of concrete held up by, what looks like, not very much! It was also kind of nice to see a religious building that has decided not to ‘flash’ its wealth but focus purely on sharing its main philosophies with a few well placed plaques. Outside the temple are 9 crystal blue pools that, apparently, are used to cool down the inside. After a peaceful sit down and an extended people watching session, we headed back to the hotel to figure out what to do for dinner. 

Decided to head to the main hub of street activity for dinner. Found a lovely little cafe on a rooftop where we got to watch the mayhem unfold on the square below us. Ate 2 different types of Tali before people watching again (think it’s our new favourite pastime!!) We’re both still unsure of how these cars, TukTuks, bikes and pedestrians manage to move around each other without more collisions! One more day in Delhi before we head north to Amritsar. 

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