Amritsar – day 7

A 4am start to our day today. We got up early to see the sun rise over the Golden Temple. Despite the temple being busy, the roads were eerily empty…  

Once at the complex, we queued to go inside the temple to see the holy book. Standing in line with hundreds of Indian Sihks at 5am, all chanting and singing, was a memorising and humbling experience. We also got to watch fruit bats the size of my head fly around the temple as we waited. Inside, the temple was completly decorated with gold and precious stones. We walked up the marble staircase to the roof to get a panoramic view of the temple complex. After that we sat down by the edge of the holy water and watched the sun rise over the temple. Unfortunately, it was too hazy to see the actual sun rise but we still got to see the change in colour as the sun got higher in the sky.  

A couple of laps around the ‘Pool of Nectar’ and we headed out to get some breakfast. Slightly embarrassed to admit that we went to McDonalds… But it was close, open, clean and served coffee! Headed back to the hostel to try and get some rest despite a massive thunderstorm which resulted in a small flood in our room! Spent the afternoon chatting with people in the hostel and researching our next steps. Went to the pharmacy this evening to pick up some aspirin. After my RADA performance to indicate headache, the woman looked at us with pity, gave us 4 pills in a paper bag for 10 rupees (10p) and sent us on our way.  Now, we’re kinda hoping they are painkillers but from the look of them, they could well be LSD!! Lols, either way the next time either of us has a headache, it’s going to be interesting…  


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