Travelling – day 103

Another lazy morning, getting up with the sun and birds, extracting ourselves from the layers of bedding before showering, dressing and going down for breakfast. It seems like everyone else in the guest house was also leaving today but they were all planning on getting the train down the mountain having got the bus up to Ooty. Seemed like there was a lot of them all wanting to get waiting line tickets and none of them seemed particularly keen on getting to the queue early. Spoke to a Canadian lady who was keen to know our upcoming plans for Sri Lanka as she was travelling without a guide book – only going on recommendations from other people. After breakfast, we packed up our stuff, said goodbye to Eve and Camille and walked to the bus station. Jumped on a bus to Coimbatore just as it was pulling out and managed to find space for the two of us and our bags at the front of the bus – even if we did have to pack the luggage around Jayne!! The journey down the mountain was certainly quicker than the train but slightly scarier as they don’t seem to worry about the cliff of impending death that is quite literally centimetres away from where you are sitting as the bus driver sped around the hairpin bends, being overtaken (and undertaken!) by cars and motorcycles, all of whom are trying to avoid the monkeys!! Saw a few signs saying that elephants had right of way so that added to our nerves as we half expected an elephant to appear as we hurtled around every corner! Unfortunately, or fortunately, we didn’t see any elephants although we did see some wild mountain deer which must have been unusual as even the bus driver slowed down to look at them. Arrived in Coimbatore and transferred onto a smaller and more crowded bus to take us to the bus station for buses that went south as opposed to the one we were at that only caters for buses going north! Feeling a bit sick and woozy getting off the local bus, we were grateful that the police man pointed us in the direction of a semi-deluxe coach to get us some of the way to Kochi. As we settled down at the back of the bus, we watched ‘The Inbetweens’ film on the iPad and tried to get some rest. Got off the bus in Thrissur and, after looking for somewhere to eat and working out how much further we had to go until Kochi, we decided that there was no way that I could get on another bus that day. Walked across the road to a hotel attached to the bus station and booked ourselves in for the night.
After watching a bit of TV with the fan going full blast, we headed back over to the bus station to check the bus departure times for tomorrow, used an Internet cafe to book our next few days accommodation and had dinner in an Arabian restaurants, eating chicken and meat kebab (which was chicken but didn’t have any vegetables in it). Went back to the hotel and watched some more TV before falling asleep. Monday 18th January 2016

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