Jodhpur – day 30

Another non-alarm clock wake up this morning and, whilst we waited for water to be delivered to the hotel, we did some planning for over Christmas and New Years. Had an amusing ‘shower’ using the bucket of water and jug that got given to us as the water was delayed en route! As we left to head out for the day there was a very long hose pipe filling up the hotels water tank! Headed to the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park (part of which we zip lined over yesterday!). Was given a map with 4 nature trails on it – ranging from 90 minutes to 200 minutes – and were told to do the yellow one (easy) cause it was so hot. Managed to complete the yellow and the green trail in less than 90 minutes. Think the park ranger was a bit surprised!! Spread over 72 hectares, the landscape is covered in volcanic rock that’s been restored and nurtured for native plants from rocky parts of the Thar Desert.   We then headed over to Jaswant Thada – a white marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. It was a quiet place with lovely views over the city and the fort. We then jumped in a TukTuk to go out of the city to Umaid Bhawan Palace. Built of local Chitter sandstone, a Maharaja still lives there whilst the rest has been turned into a luxury hotel and a small museum. We skipped the museum and headed to see some of the Maharaja’s highly polished classic cars which are displayed on the lawn. 

  Back in the old city, we wandered around the bazaars and stumbled across a step well. Not listed in the guide book, it was absolutely deserted except for a small group of Indian children. It was about 20-30 metres deep and just covered in steps going down to the water level, which based on the markings are seasonal. Guess we got to see it when it was nearly empty – definitely a good random find!  Dinner in a local restaurant, trying more Rajastan dishes (less spicy ones tonight!) and headed back to the hotel for a much needed (actual) shower and bed!

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