Travelling & Male’ – day 164

A lazy morning as we reluctantly packed up our bags to prepare to return to Male’. Had our usual breakfast of egg, sausage and toast before grabbing our bags and headed to the dock to get one last Milo milkshake before leaving. Jayne fancied a piece of cake but the only one they had was a strangely odd semolina type flan thing with, what tasted like, caramelised onion on top. I was pleased we only ordered one piece – I could barely swallow my bite!!!  
Chatted for a bit about nothing in particular before heading over to the ferry dock. The ferry turned up and was already jammed packed… So much so that there was a scary moment where we didn’t think we’d get on and we’d be stuck on the island (although it was not the worst thing in the world!!!). We were let on to the boat but ended having to sit up on the roof of the ferry for the journey back to Male’ as there was no seats left. Fortunately, there was a shady section up there although it was still ridiculously hot! Spent the ferry ride listening to music and reading books.Got back to Male’, bumping into Nashid again, and made our way to the hotel. Dumped our bags and decided to chill out for a bit in the air conditioning having cooked ourselves up on the ferry roof! After a couple of hours of doing not very much, we went for a walk to the fish and fruit & vegetable markets. Found the only cinema on the island and decided to watch ‘Kungfu Panda 3’ since we weren’t very motivated to do much else! Was slightly strange being in a room with air conditioning running full blast and it still being hot! I went back to the hotel after the film and Jayne went to get us some chicken wraps for dinner. Ate them whilst watching ‘X-Men Origins: The Wolverine’ and then headed to bed.

Saturday 19th March 2016

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