Pushkar – day 26

Spent the morning planning the next few steps of our journey across India and contacting an animal hospital for volunteer work whilst sipping fruit smoothies on the hotel rooftop. Decided to stretch our legs and go for a stroll around town. Headed towards the hilltop Savitri temple so we know the right path to take when we attempt it early tomorrow morning (so we can watch the sunrise from the top). After that, we headed to the Brahma Temple (apparently one of only a few such temples in the world). However, as we approached the temple, we were hounded by several men (shop keepers) demanding that we leave our shoes with them for a small fee. We put our shoes into our bags (which we have done in several other temples in the country with no problems). Seeing this, one of guys shouted up to the security lady who, surprise surprise, then refused to let us in with our bags despite having let 2 other tourists in with bags just before us. Turned around to work out what we were going to do next when we got a smart-arse sarcastic comment from one of the men about needing to listen. Decided that neither of us were in the mood at that point, clearly both of us needed a break from the relentless hassle, so we headed back to the hotel and watched ’21 Jump Street’. In a slightly better frame of mind, we headed out for dinner, choosing a roof top restaurant next to the sacred lake.   
  Got some snacks for our hike up to the temple tomorrow morning and made it back to the hotel in one piece and without murdering anyone!!

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