Trekking – day 189

Start: Upper Pangboche @ 08.22 (4,000m)

End: Phortse @ 11.22 (3,810m)

Distance: 7km

What a bitterly cold night!! Once the warmth from the dining room below the bedroom had disappeared, not even the ever reliable fleece blankets could stay off the cold. We had moved the beds together for extra warmth, now it was more like a survival exercise, taking turns to rummage for our down jackets in the pitch black to keep us from shivering all night. Well, with the sunshine and heat slowly being soaked up, we set off after everyone else on the trail between Pangboche and Phortse on the northern slopes of the valley mountains. It was, for me (Jayne), one of the hardest (mentally) things I have ever done. Every slight gust of wind taking the big bag and turning it into a sail; every tiny slip on loose gravel potentially sliding me backwards or forwards with the extra weight. The narrow paths – sometimes seeing that there is no substance under the refurbished path – sometimes steep, sometimes gradual, always with a 500m drop to the river below, constantly roaring like a jet engine ready to take-off.   We got to Phortse and decided to change plans for the day! Not sure I could handle much more stress, so we opted for sunbathing in fleece jackets, reading books and drinking loads of hot mango.

Wednesday 13th April 2016

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