Kharikola (rest day) – day 200

Well, the osteopath may have realigned some stuff(?!?) but Katherine is still in a lot of pain. Thus, I was encouraged to go with Pasang (the lodge owner) up to the local school (above the village – steep ascent) to see the place. It was much bigger than other schools I’ve seen and even has dorm rooms for kids to stay if they live 1-2 days walk away. It was while sipping coffee, after the interviews of new pupils – who want to join his grade – that he points out why there is a missing plank of wood in the ceiling. It’s a year to the day when the earthquake happened. So, not only do we not get to celebrate in style day 200 of travelling, we’re reminded of how isolated we are and how we can’t manage to get out of the Himalayas because of a sore back. Cringe!!IMG_1606A lazy afternoon of reading was broken up by some chocolate (heaven) in the form of a Mars pie. It’s the equivalent of a Mars Cornish pasty or perhaps more similar to what a deep fired Mars bar must be like. Silent bliss followed and we went about solving some ‘extreme sudoku’. IMG_6989We ventured out and down the hill a bit to the bazaar where we stocked up on ibuprofen and managed a bargain in toothpaste – only 5 times more expensive than it should be… Oral hygiene is clearly up there with our list of priorities and we ‘escargot’ed’ back to the lodge to teach Pasang UNO and enjoy some Dal Bhat. Here’s hoping for some better news tomorrow and the weather to then be in our favour. IMG_6987

Sunday 24th April 2016

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