Travelling – day 203

Start: Phaplu @ 5.37 (2,413m)

End: Kathmandu @ 18.15 (1,400m)

Distance: 284kms

Obviously, the first thing you want after a month of trekking is a 12 hour bus journey… Made slightly more painful as we both felt slightly worse for wear from the small amount of beer we had consumed last night!!! With a bag full of treats, we set off on the windy road back to Kathmandu, the heat increasing as the altitude decreased until everyone was sweltering and hoping that the bus could pick up a bit of speed so that a breeze could flow through the windows! IMG_6998IMG_1628IMG_7005A man got on with a chicken in a basket which for or in the luggage rack above our heads – surely it must be cheaper (and easier) to buy your dinner hockey at your destination?!? Felt increased my grateful to arrive in Kathmandu, catching a taxi with 2 other tourists to Thamel and heading to or hotel. IMG_1629Decided to head out for something to eat straight away before we had a chance to sit down and then lose all motivation to move! Went to the shop to buy fizzy drinks and chocolate before heading to the kebab shop for a take away chicken roll and falafel wrap. Back at the hotel, we grabbed two ‘Everest’ beers and ate our dinner watching a ‘Friends’ episode. Fully stuffed, we had a shower – scrubbing off only the top layer of dirt and we both had to wash our hair twice – although mine still feels disgusting!! Flipped into bed and pretty much passed out…IMG_1633

Wednesday 27th April 2016

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