Travelling & Bangkok – day 250

A weird day – knowing that this was the last full day that we were going to spend together in over three weeks yet we had to get from Ayutthaya to Bangkok before we could actually make any plans on what to do. After our usual breakfast at the hostel, we said goodbye and walked to the mini bus station. Should have been relatively easy but, as we had repacked the bags so Jayne could return stuff to the UK, she was struggling with her heavy bag as I practically skipped, jumped and hoped down the road with my new (much lighter) load! Arrived at the mini bus, with Jayne looking considerably worse for wear having literally melted in the heat. Fortunately, we took the last three seats (one for our bag) and were quickly on our way back to Bangkok. Chatted the entire journey back to a Dutch man and his daughter who were on holiday celebrating the end of her exams and the imminent start of her medicine course in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Arrived at Victory Monument and made our way via the sky train to the airport to avail of their transfer service and check into our hotel. Decided to spend our last afternoon together at the cinema (so we can now OFFICIALLY say that we have visited a cinema in every country we have been to!). Tried to organise a taxi through the hotel to get us to the nearest train station but, since they wanted to charge us an extortionate price, we walked to the cross roads and got a motorbike taxi instead. Glad that they had helmets for the both of us, as I felt less safe travelling through the streets of Bangkok on a motorbike than I have on any other of our journeys! Got the sky train back into central Bangkok and headed to the mall to the cinema. Sorted out tickets before having the mammoth task of choosing a restaurant to have lunch from the hundreds of choices on offer. Choose a Japanese udon noodle bar which also did tempura items before stocking up on a massive Fanta and popcorn to watch ‘Now You See Me 2’.Not as good as the first film (although sequels rarely are) although it was funny to see Daniel Radcliffe making jokes about magic in his adolescent years… I’m always up for a Harry Potter reference! Headed back to the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon snuggled up in bed, watching episodes of ‘Friends’.

Monday 13th June 2016

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